CANON FL2-5277-000 ROLLER, SLEEVE (iRA4025-4251/C5030-C5255/iRC5185/iRC3220) (OEM)

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Canon IR ADVANCE C5235,IR ADVANCE C5240,IR ADVANCE C5250,IR ADVANCE C5255,IR ADVANCE C5030,IR ADVANCE C5035,IR ADVANCE C5045,IR ADVANCE 4025,IR ADVANCE 4035,IR ADVANCE 4045,IR ADVANCE 4051,IR ADVANCE 4225,IR ADVANCE 4235,IR ADVANCE 4245,IR ADVANCE 4251,IR ADVANCE C5051,IRC4080,IRC4080i,IRC4580,IRC4580i,IRC5180,IRC5180i,IRC5185,IRC5185i,IRC2550,IRC2620,IRC2880,IRC2880i,IRC3080,IRC3080i,IRC3200,IRC3220,IRC3380,IRC3380i,IRC3480,IRC3480i


Compatible with these models:

  • iR ADVANCE 4025/4035/4045/4051/4225/4235/4245/4251,

  • iR ADVANCE C5030/C5035/C5045/C5051/C5235/C5240/C5250/C5255,

  • iRC2550/C2620/C2880/C3080/C3200/C3380/C3480/C4080/C4580/C5180/C5185

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